Bridal Style Trials

Another one of my BFF’s is getting married, and helping with her bridal celebrations and prep work has me thinking of 5 essential ‘style trials’ to test before the big wedding day. 

By Kate Wingard

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HAIR. Probably the most important part of style trials for brides, besides the dress fitting, is finding the perfect coiffure. Set aside time for at least two hair trials, more than one month in advance of the wedding day. Even if you loved a look in one sitting at the hairdressers, you may go home and watch some of the wedding dynamics change, then decide the hairstyle you chose just isn’t right anymore. With the time it takes to fix one ‘up-do’ at the salon taking an hour or so, try a minimum of 2-3 styles. whether it’s over 1 or 2 salon visits. Believe me, you’ll be happy you exhausted the options, and when you do, photograph every angle. Lock it in.

NAILS. Now, I’m gonna go out on a limb and guess that 99.9% of everyone reading this has had a manicure or pedicure in their lifetime. With that said, just because we know the process or colors we like doesn’t mean we make a last minute decision on one of the most important nail polish creations of all time. No ma’am! Think about the venue, the flowers, think about the mood you want to create. Your hands will be in every picture, from champagne toasts to the first dance. Give yourself time to experiment with a french lace design or a subtle contrasting tip. Take your manicure up a level, try one shade richer or 3 shades lighter. You never know what can transform until the polish is on. From the time the invitations go out until the day of the rehearsal dinner, let every mani/pedi count towards your final choice, ok twinkle toes?!



MAKE-UP. Don’t just settle for having your make-up done once, go twice, three times a-lady if you want! Any excuse to belly up to the make-up counter at Neiman’s, Nordstrom, or Saks for a wedding makeover is not only fun for you and the make-up stylist, but the perfect way to spend the afternoon with a bridesmaid or four. Try on different looks, get comfortable with how your new look will feel, how to touch-up or fix smudges, and pick-up some extra tips on how to apply modern highlights or contours even beyond the wedding day! Maybe even ask your make-up stylist for a sultry honeymoon look to lay on the new hubby. Now that’s thinking ahead!


TANNING. If you are looking to get some color on your skin, absolutely, never ever, under any circumstance, wait until the final week to test a self-tanner or randomly step into a spray-tan booth!  I have heard horror stories of ladies who have gone to the spray-tan salon, something they haven’t done in months or even years, and turn out looking like the R-rated version of Ross from Friends (you know the episode). If you are looking to have the perfect spray-shade of bronze, go a month before to test the tanning formula that will work best for your skin, making sure it’s not too dark or too light for what you need. Keep an eye on the results to see if it blends well with your skin tone and especially that you don’t breakout…in hives. And if you are set on using self-tanning lotion, please give yourself at least 3 weeks beforehand to test how good or bad you are with application in terms of streaking and coverage. Get the process down pat so you don’t have streak fright for your big day. As for those who go to an actual tanning booth with UV rays, sorry not sorry, but you’re risking skin cancer, don’t do it!



JEWELRY. Here’s where the wedding declaration of ‘something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue’ comes into play. Take your pick and knock a few off the list with your jewelry choices if you’re having a hard time deciding how to incorporate them. No matter what style of venue or dress, mix and match some of these traditions and make sure to do a full run-thru of wedding dress, shoes, and jewelry together. Sometimes what you think might work off-the-jewelry bar, actually doesn’t work together with your dress or hair. And be sure to keep your jewelry choices handy each time you are testing hairstyles at the salon, as either the jewelry will determine the hair or the hair will determine the jewelry. 



Getting your perfect bridal look requires, preparation, preparation, and more preparation. And when the big day arrives, you can trust that your ‘style trials’ and hard work will pay off, leaving you free to fully share the beautiful moments with friends and family. 

Have extra quick tips, harrowing no-no’s, or sound wedding preparation advice you’d like to share with us? We would love to hear about them! Click below to leave your comments!


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