Detox Your Beauty Bag! It's Spring Cleaning Time!

By Kate Wingard

With the colder months behind us, it's time to focus on cleaning out the clutter, the used and abused, and just plain filthy make-up bag that we've dragged around from holiday party to family gathering to here and there and in-between. Give your cosmetics purse a well-deserved refresher course and get it back into shape with these quick makeover tips.


Dear Mascara, thank you for the 3 months of eye-opening gorgeousness, but it’s time to renew our lashes with a brand new wand. Don’t clump-up those baby browns or blues with anything but silky smooth goodness this spring and summer. You’ll never go wrong with this mascara essential, Maybelline Great Lash, $4.44/each. It’s the go-to mascara at the go-to price, and you’ll find it in almost every make-up stylist’s kit as well. Or maybe you’re in the mood to try a few different lash styles using just one mascara tube? Sound too fun to be true? Give Givenchy’s 4-in-1 Noir Couture a try for something fresh and new, $33/each.


Hair Ties

Are all of the hair bands scattered at the bottom of your beauty bag stretched out, dirty, or just plain 'ole boring? Grab the fab 2-in-1 bracelet and hair tie combination from GemTye, whose collection of chic and trendy beauty accessories are as pretty in your hair as alongside your Cartier-bangled wrist. GemTye styles range from $12.50-$33/each And make note, they always have exclusive codes for specific times of the month, so make sure to google their name to claim the latest offers!



’Tis the season to strip down and shed some layers for the warmer months of Spring and Summer. Clean out those heavy and bold colors of lipstick inventory, and lighten up that sunny smile with natural and nude shades of lip color. Nude Envie's line of clean and elegant lipsticks are perfect for every skin tone, and each shade is compatible with their one-of-a-kind lip pencil, starting at $26.

Make-Up Brushes

I’m sure they took a beating during the Winter holidays, and even after multiple washes, it is recommended to change out make-up brushes every 1-3 years. Dispose of overworked brushes, and select a quality replacement set with Sigma Beauty’s brush set, $92, perfect for any highlighting, specialty, or all-over application. Make-up always looks better when applied with clean brushes, so if you aren’t ready to throw them out for new ones, use Johnson’s Baby Shampoo, starting at $2.39, to gently and safely wash away the oils and dirt.


Blending Sponges

If you dispose of your make-up sponges each month, here's a high five to you! But if not, start doing so asap. Even cleaning can’t strip away all the bacteria that sinks in to these beauty staples, and with one of our biggest beauty finds of the year, you can afford to bulk up on as many sponges your pretty face desires. Grab a year's supply at WalMart for only $0.79/each. Otherwise, if you love the luxury of the trendy blending sponge, go for the BeautyBlender at Sephora, $20/each


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