Healing Your World with Gemstones

Green Onyx GemTyeGreen Onyx GemTye

 ONYX ‘STONE OF OLD MEMORIES’ The calming nature of this green gem is said to promote physical healing, growth, and renewal, and aid in the area of fertility. As this stone’s phrase refers to old memories, green onyx is a healing gem that removes sorrows, grief, and past traumas.



BLUE TOPAZ ‘STONE OF LOVE AND GOOD FORTUNE’ A triple threat of power, blue topaz brings longevity of life, beauty, and intelligence. It is a gemstone of leadership and is believed to bring about success and spiritual growth as well as enhance psychic insight. 


 Labradorite GemTye

LABRADORITE ‘STONE OF THE TEMPLE OF THE STARS’ When looking at this mystical gemstone, one can see the colors of the universe. It carries the stars and planets’ energy to strengthen faith within oneself and help maintain stress-free situations around us. Labradorite is a beautiful gemstone that calms menstrual ramps and regulates metabolism.

 Moonstone GemTye 

MOONSTONE ‘STONE OF NEW BEGINNINGS AND SELF ACTUALIZATION’ If your life has ever felt blocked or stuck in some way, moonstone is a helpful stone that removes obstacles and guides your energy towards an easier path to fulfilling your true calling. It balances hormonal energies, opens the pathway to empathy and intuition, as well as improves emotional intelligence.


Yellow Topaz GemTyeLemon Topaz GemTye

LEMON TOPAZ ‘STONE OF THE HIGHER POWER’ A pure gem, Lemon Topaz brings about a higher guidance to the body, mind, and soul. It’s powerful energy bathes self-love and acceptance to its wearer, and is valuable in treating the endocrine system. 

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