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The belief of protecting oneself from the harmful glares or evil intentions of those around us has been a centuries old tradition ranging from Jewish and Muslim cultures into countries and ideologies within the Mediterranean, Asia, the Middle East, and now throughout today’s contemporary views of spiritualism within the Western world. Two of the most popular symbols to ward away these malevolent forces are the Evil Eye and the Hamsa, both which protect a person against harmful energy and work to restore the positive aura of the person wearing them. Each decorative charm has its own beautiful history and GemTye is here to share their stories! There is a reason we love them so much!


The word Hamsa, also spelled hamesh or khamsa, means 5 fingers, hence the symbol of the hand. It is a sign for the hand of God, or in Jewish culture, the Hand of Miriam, as well as the Hand of Fatima within the Muslim community. Throughout the world, the Hamsa is a positive symbol of good health and fortune, happiness, and luck, and is worn or displayed as an affirmation of success. In some instances, a small evil eye symbol is placed within the center of the hand to add a protective shield from any spiteful or malicious spirit.





 Dating back to ancient Greece and Rome, the Evil Eye has become one of the most famous and iconic symbols in the world. Lucky eye beads or decorations with the eye-symbol, also known as nazars, are believed to repel the Evil Eye, which defined in many cultures as a malevolent curse caused by an evil gaze towards someone unaware and intending a harmful misfortune. It is a global belief that varies slightly in terms of the different names given to the Evil Eye, but all meaning the same unfortunate glare that can be warded away with a matching eye amulet of protection. It’s almost as if using the phrase “an eye for an eye” to neutralize an otherwise destructive energy.


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