The Perfect Hostess Holiday Tips that Sleigh!

It’s a jolly time to host the merriest of parties! Whether you are having a casual get-together, cocktail party, or
sit-down dinner, we have a few simple tips to keep the holidays merry and bright!
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Hostess Tip #1-Season’s Greetings! 

 As soon as your guests arrive at the front door, offer to put away their personal belongings in a room or closet that has been organized to store coats, hats, purses, and any other snow-covered and cumbersome clothing. While you greet your fabulous guests, what better way to get them settled than to offer a drink or cocktail within 5 minutes of arriving, a little something to keep them relaxed and feeling at home. Maybe even guide them to the hors d’oeuvres table while you attend to the rest of the crowd.



Hostess Tip #2-Jingle Bells

 We all know music makes the setting. Before the party starts, put on your favorite Deck the Halls and holiday tunes, keeping the volume level low enough to hear in the background but not loud enough to overpower conversation. 



Hostess Tip #3-Santa’s Reindeer 

 While you’ll be busy keeping an eye on the menu and cocktails, it can be tough to mingle with guests if you’re overloaded with party chores. Think about hiring a bartender to man the bar cart and supervise responsible drinking, or another helper to replenish, serve, and even clean-up throughout the night.  I mean, Santa has a big job to do one night of the year and he still relies on his reindeer to help him make the magic happen. And, if you happen to see one your guests spill or knock over something you wish they hadn’t, just remember, it was an accident. Keep club soda on hand for quick clean-ups and worry about the rest tomorrow.



Hostess Tip #4-The Favorite Elf

 If you are wondering what to wrap in pretty paper for your favorite hostess, be the best gift-giving elf, and stock some bulk presents in your stocking to say thanks for the holiday cheer, as well as keep on hand for those unexpected gift exchanges! Whether you are the hostess or the guest, everyone loves a thoughtful thank-you to celebrate the season!


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